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Leah in DetroitAbout Leah

Leah is a 35-year-old powerhouse with a pure heart and optimism in her bones. She is a pianist and a performer. A comedian. A dancing queen. She’s a volunteer. A sister. A girlfriend. She has Down syndrome. She embraces life with an open mind, ready to tackle anything that comes her way and work tirelessly until she accomplishes it.

She has performed and spoken across the nation at events and galas, from Detroit to Los Angeles, each time giving hope to others that with the proper support and hard work, anything is possible.

She is beauty. She struggles. She laughs, and when she does, her entire face lights up. She cries. She’s human, just like you and me. And she’s ready to share her insight and turn things Upside Down.

Hi. My name is Leah Stodden. I am 35 years old and live in Omaha Nebraska. And I have a very exciting and beautiful and Wonderful life! I want to tell you about the neat things that have happened to me in my life so far.

 I love to play the piano in front of a lot of people who encourage me to play the piano for them. That makes me very special inside of my heart. And I just stand up with a smile on my face walk through the audience to go to play the piano and start playing my piano music for them. My mom gets nervous to see me in large performances but I tell her its ok Mom. I have been performing in cities like Denver Colorado, Orlando Florida, and in Omaha Nebraska where I live.

Leah Piano

 I also take Modeling Classes for a while at the International School of Modeling in Omaha. And I Competed in Orlando and that was awesome. I competed several categories that I was in. There were Teen Comercial, Talent, And Runway and Group Runway. I won a award for an honorable mention in the Teen Commercial Category. I was very Excited and Happy!

 I worked at a Craft Store for 7 years by working hard on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. And I put craft things out for them and the things that is out of order I put it where it belongs. Also I help out doing Sacking bags at the Register for them.

 I also worked at a video store for 7 years and I checked movies in on the computer and put the movies back in order and put them in right categories. And a lot of movies out of order I put them where they belong too.

 I Love to hang out with my whole family. I have two sisters named Megan and Lindsay. I am the oldest sister and I enjoy our times together. l love to hang out with both of my sisters a lot of times all together. We have special memories when we all grow up together. I love both of them very much all in my heart.


 I am doing school and I am taking classes and I also have lunch there too. I can tell you some of my classes that I am taking and they are: Math and Improvisation for this Spring session. I also do other different classes. I took Actors Studio, Photography and Journalism. I do have a lot of friends there too. And I have lunch with my friends. My acting class is helping me when I am in Theater productions.

 I have been in lots of plays and just finished a year long theater project. I got to go to workshops and learn how to write a play and about the characters and the script. I had three parts in the play and also played piano. We had a wonderful time doing the play and the experiences that we had and there were 3 sold out performances.

 I have a boyfriend in my life and his name is Mark. I met my boyfriend when I was 6 years old and he was 5 years old too. We have been truly best friends and we become boyfriend and girlfriend. We hang out and be together a lot of times and we enjoy to be with each other. We go out for lunch and dinner and sometimes for breakfast with my mom and dad and we go out on dates too. My mom and dad help us when we go out on dates. We also love to go out for dinner with his parents and my parents too. Mark is living on a Ranch in Elgin Texas that is close to Austin. The ranch is called Down Home Ranch and he also works on the ranch too. There was an article about Down Home Ranch in the People magazine and his picture was in it. We make sure to be together around the holidays and we arrange it with his parents to come to Omaha Nebraska to be together and we also celebrate the new year together last year and it was a really wonderful time together.

Leah and Mark

 I have been doing a lot of wonderful things all through my life. What I have accomplished makes me feel good inside.