About Upside Down

Welcome to Upside Down!

Upside Down is a blog co-written by two sisters, Leah and Lindsay Stodden on life together and growing up in the Stodden family. What makes our family unique? Leah has Down syndrome. Our posts will reflect on our journey as a family that includes an individual who has special needs. We hope to unveil  how our different perspectives have influenced us along the way. All writings by Leah will be italicized.

I hope you enjoy our blog to read and to look at and to learn about the things that we have together and separate blog between me and Lindsay. There are things that each of us have done all through our lives that we want to share to all of the people to show you how two sisters grow up together when one has Down Syndrome and the other one has no Down Syndrome. And how it feels to be in our family.

Who Are We?

We are sisters. We are different in a millions ways, yet the same in all of the important ways. We love with our whole hearts. We hope. We fail and we fall. We share the same blood.

One of us has never performed piano on the Today Show, and one of us has Down syndrome. One of us has lived in San Antonio, Texas. One of us has lived in Paris, France. We both have maintained long distance relationships.

We are humans, learning and growing through this beautiful and unpredictable life together. Here is a place for us to share our thoughts and feelings along this journey. As we explore our different perspectives on growing up together, we are learning about ourselves and about each other.

If you are a part of the Down syndrome community, we encourage you to read and reflect on how our moments and feelings on certain topics may influence your journey. If you are simply curious to peek into the lives of our family, we welcome you, and hope you discover new perspectives while laughing along the way.

Here’s to turning our minds Upside Down.