1. Roger Rentel

    Very trees ting, girls, and I am proud to know you both. Knowing you goes way back to when you were babies. I also have known you’re mom since she was about 3 years old. I love you all and have fun with your blog.

  2. Raquel Smith

    Beautiful outlook from two different lives. I look forward to reading ALL of your posts, keep them coming – Love you both!

  3. Dena

    I am crying as I read these blogs. However happy tears. We were notified 10 minutes after our baby Hunter was born that he had Down Syndrome. Even though this was Dec 2014, I was in shock couldn’t understand. We were told yes in 2014 he would never drive, have a mate, might get Lukemia, have heart surgery due to being born with 3 holes in his heart, get sick a lot, his life will be rough. Also he would get ridiculed and us too for him having this. I cried and cried only family knew we did not tell anyone else. I did not know how to handle it all. To say the least he was featured in 2016 calendar of Ohio with kids having Down Syndrome. It has been tough but now I feel like we won the baby lottery with Hunter and could never imagine life without him. He blessed with a 19 year old sister Asia. So thank you and keep the blogs going.

  4. Linda Bonner

    I’m very glad I found your blog. It’s nice to read about sibling experiences. I have two sons, my 21 year old has DS and his brother is 19. My oldest would love to drive so we practice every once in a while.

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