On The Hard Weeks of Life

Some weeks breeze by and some drag on. Some include moments of celebration and some are packed with meetings and appointments.

And then there are weeks where we have to mourn. Loss is among the toughest experiences we inevitably face as humans.

Leah and I are heartbroken to share that we had one of those weeks this past week, and had to say goodbye to our strong, loving, handsome Grandpa Darrell after a short illness that he was unable to recover from.

There are so many things that I want to write, shedding light on the years that we were blessed with his presence. On how lucky I am to have even met my grandpa, let alone form a close bond with him. I want to write that I am content because I believe that after 20 years, he has finally reunited with my Grandma Donna. I want to find the silver lining.

But for now, all that I really want to say is that I’m so, so sad.

Leah once again has blown me away with her ability to cope with situations like this, and although her heart is burning just like mine, she is doing okay too.

As I’ve mentioned before, my most special moment with my grandpa was when he hugged me close and told me, “Lindsay, just so you know, I’m with you.”

And I know he still is. I suppose that’s one of the silver linings of death. Grandpa was a man who never wanted to miss a moment of the lives of the ones he loved, and now he gets to be with us all, always.


Here’s to turning our minds Upside Down.


  1. Cindy Stodden

    Rest in peace, Dad. I love you so so much, and miss you already.❤️
    And please give Mom a hug for me.

  2. Connie Peterson

    Your special moment with your grandpa will be with you always! You were so lucky to get that comforting hug!

  3. Julie Benson

    I loved your g-pa. He, and your g-ma Donna accepted me and my family as part of their’s. He was a sweet, loving man. And he knew the words and ways to brighted your day. As did Donna! We will miss him.

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